Luca Miklósi in Café au Lait – Playboy Plus

Playboy Plus

It’s not hard waking up in the morning with the gorgeous International model, Luca Miklósi and a hot cup of coffee. On the set of a quaint coffee shop, Luca is enjoying a little quiet time with a café au lait, while photographer, David Merenyi captures all her sultry and seductive poses. With her curly, bouncy hair, bright eyes, and sweet gaze, it’s undeniable that Luca is a one-of-a-kind beauty. If you agree, just wait until she begins to get more comfortable — slowly stripping pieces of her clothing off to reveal her long legs, round butt and perky, natural breasts. “I get the most compliments on how natural I am,” explains Luca. “I think being nude is a natural thing.” When it comes to relationships, Luca needs to feel some freedom. “I love to be loved but if it doesn’t come with freedom, I’d rather be alone,” she says thoughtfully. “Being single doesn’t mean I’m alone.” When she is interested in a man, though, she tends to go for those who don’t take themselves too seriously. “My biggest turn-on hands down is humor,” she shares. “I also like fit guys; couch potatoes are definite no, no.” Get up and have some fun with the lovely Luca Miklósi, right here on Playboy Plus!