Kylie Jenner Plays Quarantine Tennis!

Kylie Jenner Quarantine Tennis 3

Even Kylie Jenner’s Quarantine from home pics are obnoxious.

This is her with her Chanel racket, because she’s fancy on what I assume is her new Tennis Court at her new house that she paid 36.5 million dollars for. It’s a really nice house, a NEXT level house.

That doesn’t make this any less obnoxious! She’s a Jenner/Kardashian, what do we expect. I have a feeling she doesn’t know how to play tennis at all, but then again her dad is one of the top athletes of the 20th century. She was also raised fancy and tennis is a fancy sport.

We’re not here for the tennis though, it’s more about the outfit that I don’t think is regulation, that is likely photoshopped, but that clearly people love because Kylie Jenner is as influential as an influencer gets. She doesn’t have any skill set and she isn’t even compelling, but for whatever reason can push hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for average products that made her a billionaire.

Well look at the booty pop, one things for sure, she knows her angles!