Catjira in Living Image – Playboy Plus

Catjira In Living Image Playboy Plus (17)

Please welcome Newcomer, Catjira, to Playboy Plus, with this slightly spooky pictorial from the photographer, Maddie Cordoba. “My love for haunting things and appearances makes me feel the most confident and sexy,” she shares, after telling us she’d love to come back for some Halloween pictorials. “I’ve had an amazing Playboy experience thus far. From collecting vintage magazines to modeling for Playboy — it’s all been empowering and inspiring for me,” she says. “I feel absolutely cool being a part of Playboy!” As for dating, Catjira looks for someone who is unapologetically themselves, as long as you’re into scary movies, too. “If you don’t like horror movies, it’s a deal-breaker,” she laughs. “I never look for anything other than someone genuine. It’s okay if you’re shy, depressed, hurt, content, or striving. All I ever look for is someone genuine in who they are and what they’re going through.” Want to see more of Catjira? Tune in soon, right here on!